Why Dial?

Why should I Dial 8-1-1?

If you plan to disturb the earth with powered equipment, PA Act 287, as amended, obligates you to notify the utility companies of your intent to do so.  8-1-1 is the “Dial before you Dig!” telephone number for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Friendly and helpful Customer Services Representatives are available every day of the year to record the who, what, where, when, and how of your project and forward it to utility companies that serve your neighborhood.

Dialing 8-1-1 is the safest thing to do.  The telephone call is toll free and our service is no cost for homeowners digging on their property.  Installing a pool or a fence?  Building a new deck?  Replacing your mailbox post?  Rebuilding your retaining wall?  All of these projects require a short, free and easy call to 8-1-1.  Remember to dial 8-1-1 on Monday or Tuesday if your project starts on the weekend.

Are you hiring a contractor to do the work for you?  If so, ask to see their PA One Call  “Serial Number” before work begins.  This eleven digit number is proof that the contractor has dialed 8-1-1 in advance of starting work for you.  No serial number means the contractor may not have fulfilled their obligations under Act 287, as amended.  This also means the contractor may not be doing everything they can to help keep your neighborhood safe.

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