Safe Digging is no ACCIDENT!

We are the “Dial before you dig!” nonprofit for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. If you plan to disturb the earth with powered equipment, you are required by Pennyslvania law to notify the underground utility companies of your intent to do so. Dial 8-1-1, it’s important to know what’s below!


You’ve Dialed 8-1-1. Now what? Each utility company will send a professional locator to mark where underground lines are located with colored paint, flags or chalk.


Thank you for dialing 8-1-1 in advance of starting your excavation project! You’ve helped by taking the first step to Knowing What’s Below.


Dialing 8-1-1 at least three business days prior to excavation  helps keep you and your neighborhood safe. Call on Monday/Tuesday if you plan to dig on Saturday/Sunday.

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